Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam - This Is Our Song HD03:31

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam - This Is Our Song HD

This Is Our Song is a song by the Camp Rock 2 cast.


Shane: So let's sing na (x5), hey ya come on and sing na (x5), hey ya (X5)

Shane & Mitchie: This is our song that's all that matters cause we all belong right here together there's nothing better than singing along this is our summer

Shane: This is our song

Nate: Come grab your guitar

Nate & Caitlyn: And sit by the fire cause we all need a song when were weary and tired

Shane & Mitchie: We'll sit here together

Shane: And sing it out loud (Mitchie: sing it out loud)

All: -Repeat chorus-

Shane: This is our song -Repeat line #2-

All: -Repeat line #2- (Shane & Mitchie: hey ya) -Repeat chorus- (Shane: our summer) (Mitchie: this is our song x3)

Shane: this is our song

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