Nate Gray
Name Nate Gray
Gender Male
Age 15 (Camp Rock)
16 (Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam)
Country America
Occupation Member of Connect 3
Camper (Camp Rock)
Father Nate's Unknown Father
Axel Turner (Possible Future Father-In-Law)
Mother Nate's Unknown Mother
Dana's Unknown Mother (Possible Future Mother-In-Law)
Spouse Dana Turner (Girlfriend; Possible Future Wife)
Sibling Shane Gray (Older Brother)
Jason Gray (Older Brother)
Introduced In Camp Rock
Portrayed By Nick Jonas
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Camper (Camp Rock)s]]Nathan "Nate" Gray is the bandmate and brother of Shane and Jason Gray, who makes him go to Camp Rock for a month.


Camp Rock

Nate is the one who makes Shane go to Camp Rock and we later see Shane begging for them to come back and pick him up, but Nate is adament that he should stay. He tells Shane that they've told the press he is to sing a duet with the winner of Final Jam and although Shane is furious at first, after he hears the girl with the voice, he changes his mind. One day at Camp Rock, Shane surprises the campers with bringing out Nate and Jason and they play a new song for them which isn't like their old stuff. Nate is surprised at the change in Shane already and knows he did the right thing. But there was a down side, he has to spend a lot of time with Jason and becomes easily fed up with his easily-distracted attitude and false hope that Shane is making him a birdhouse.

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

Nate spends the summer at Camp Rock and assists with the mission to save the future of Camp Rock and grows feelings for Dana Turner, a girl at the rival camp, Camp Star.


In the first movie, when Shane's attitude gets out of hand, Nate and Jason make him go to Camp Rock, athough it is clear that Nate is the more serious one. Nate is known as the business-obsessed one and scolds Shane for his bad reputation. He is a extremely good guitarist and sings in part of the bands songs. He is calm and controlled all the time.


In the first film, Nate doesn't attend Camp Rock, so he is only shown to be friends with Shane and Jason. However, in between the events of the first and second film, it is possible Nate became friends with Mitchie Torres, due to her starting a relationship with Shane. During the second film, he became good friends with Ella Pador, Caitlyn Gellar, Tess Tyler, Barron James, Sander Loya and Peggy Dupree.


  • In the second film, Nate and Jason are revealed to be brothers with Shane. However there are events in the first film that contradict this fact, such as; when Nate says "And you get to see "your" Uncle Brown" to Shane rather than saying "our" and also when Jason added in the same scene, "Yeah, this where Connect 3 connected" referencing that the boys could of met at Camp Rock as youngsters.
  • He is seen to be younger than Shane and Jason, but it is mentioned he is the same age as them, so if Shane is 16, he's probably be 15 or 14.