Margaret Dupree
Peggy 11
Name Margaret Dupree
Gender Female
Age 15 (Camp Rock)
16 (Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam)
Country America
Occupation Singer
Camper (Camp Rock 1 & 2)
Father (Mentioned)
Mother (Not Mentioned)
Introduced In Camp Rock
Portrayed By Jasmine Richards
[[Category:characters that are Singer
Camper (Camp Rock 1 & 2)s]]Margaret "Peggy" Dupree is friend of Mitchie Torres and a supporting character in Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.


Camp Rock

When first introduced, Peggy is one of Tess's friends at Camp Rock, who is bossed around. Just before her, Ella and Tess were supposed to perform together, Tess yelled at them and Peggy stood up to her, telling her what she thought of her. Peggy then gets the courage to perform her song "Here I Am", following her reveal of her real name, and eventually wins the Final Jam.

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

Peggy returns to Camp Rock, now more confident and independent, and stands alongside her friends to save Camp Rock from closure due to the threat from rival camp, Camp Star.

Physical Appearance

Peggy in the first movie is seen with long straight dark brown hair which is always worn in a high ponytail tied with a bandana. Her wardrobe in the first movie is a mix between street styling and hippie, but in the second movie she wears mostly street now and wears a headband with her curly hair.


At the begining of the first film, Peggy is shown to be close friends with Tess Tyler and Ella Pador. She imediately becomes friends with Mitchie Torres and invites her into her group. However, after Mitchie is proven to be a liar, she falls out with Mitchie. After Final Jam, she makes up with Mitchie and makes friends with Caitlyn Gellar. She later makes friends with Shane Gray, Nate, Jason, Barron James, Sander Loya and Lola Scott.


  • Peggy is a short form of Margaret.
  • In the second film, she has curly hair.


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