Lola Scott
IMG 20170243 012528
Name Lola Scott
Gender Female
Age 16 (Camp Rock)
Country America
Occupation Singer/Dancer/Rapper
Father (Not Mentioned)
Mother (Mentioned)
Introduced In Camp Rock
Portrayed By Aaryn Doyle

Loynisha "Lola" Scott is a singer, dancer, and rapper. Before they announced Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, Aaryn Doyle revealed via her Twitter that she didn't reprise her role in the sequel because her manager was fired so he didn't try to get her signed up.


Camp Rock

She and Caitlyn stuck with Mitchie when her secret was revealed. Her mother is big on Broadway, but according to Tess, that isn't important.


She is best friends with Caitlyn, she is also close friends with Sander, Barron and later becomes good friends with Mitchie.


  • Even though she is an amazing singer, dancer, and rapper, she was not seen performing in the second film.

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