Ella Pador
Name Ella Pador
Gender Female
Age 15 (Camp Rock)
16 (Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam)
Country America
Occupation Singer/Fashion Designer
Introduced In Camp Rock
Portrayed By Anna Maria Perez de Tagle

Eliza "Ella" Pador is one of Mitchie's friends at Camp Rock. She is first introduced as one of the popular mean girls, but once Mitchie meets her, she quickly becomes friends with her. Ella is often treated disrepectfully by Tess, as Ella is not the most intelligent girl at the camp, but still gets along with others well.


Camp Rock

In Camp Rock, Ella is an air-head who is friends with Tess and sings back-up for her at all of the jams. Ella has only so much patience, however, for when Tess is rude to her even after she pushes other friend and back-up singer Peggy away, Ella quits the number and instead sings with Barron and Sander at Final Jam, revealing herself to be a good performer in her own right.

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

In Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, she continues to be... less than intelligent, but she is given a very useful talent for fashion design. She clothes all of the performers for the Final Jam and teaches a class on this subject when the original Camp Rock counselors defect to Camp Star on the promise of higher pay. Little bits of her true character shine through in the second film. When she accidentally ends up in the guitar class for her first lesson, she decides to roll with what's happened and teach the guitar students how to properly (bedazzle a shirt, sew a hem, insert whatever seems appropriate here). She doesn't let others' opinions affect her easily and shows real strength of character through this.


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