Connie Torres
Connie Torres
Name Connie Torres
Gender Female
Age 30s/40s
Country America
Occupation Caterer/Cook
Spouse Steve Torres (Husband)
Child/Children Mitchie Torres (Daughter)
Introduced In Camp Rock
Portrayed By Maria Canals Barrera
"You're going to Camp Rock!"
―Connie Torres

Connie Torres is Mitchie's mother, and also runs a family catering service called "Connie's Catering." In order for Mitchie to be able to go to Camp Rock, Connie had to get the job as camp cook. But the catch was Mitchie had to help her out some times as well. At first, Mitchie didn't mind at all, but when she saw Tess' reaction to poor people, she lied because she was embarrassed that her mother was the Camp Cook. When Connie found out what she did, she talked to Mitchie, and told her she should've been herself all along and she wouldn't have been in this mess. Her and her husband Steve watch Mitchie perform at Final Jam and are very proud of their daughter for overcoming her stage-fright and gaining confidence in herself.

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