Camp Star is a a summer music camp which appears in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam film as a competing, revival camp to Camp Rock.

The known songs performed are Fire, Tear It Down, Walking In My Shoes, and It's On. Camp Star is more glamorous than Camp Rock, is for the more "serious" performers as Luke Williams puts it, and Mitchie Torres from Camp Rock (the rival camp) states its a "Narcisstic Ego Factory."

Camp Star is shown to have a stage, a main building which can be seen when the campers are going to the Camp Star Bonfire, and a piano suspended over the lake, which Dana Turner uses and Nate usually spies on her when she plays.

Camp Star won the Camp Wars beating Camp Rock. However, all of the members except Luke left Camp Star and joined Camp Rock.

Camp Star was founded by Axel Turner.

Known Campers

Camp Star Members

Tess Tyler

Dana Turner

Luke Williams

Axel Turner

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