Brown Cessario
Name Brown Cessario
Gender Male
Age 30s/40s
Country America
Occupation Wet Crows Bassist (formerly)
Owner of Camp Rock (currently)
Sibling Connie Torres (Possible Future Sister-In-Law)
Introduced In Camp Rock
Portrayed By Daniel Fathers
[[Category:characters that are Wet Crows Bassist (formerly)
Owner of Camp Rock (currently)s]]
"I hate when I have to be uncool."
―Brown says to himself in Camp Rock

Brown Cessario runs Camp Rock and is also a music specialist. More importantly, he is Shane, Nate, and Jason's uncle. He was once the bassist in a band called "Wet Crows". Brown is very laid back, with a funk attitude and a love for all things music related. He is a big reason for Shane's attitude turn around. He takes a liking to Mitchie, finding a way around her punishment to get her to perform at Final Jam. Although, he is friends with Axel Turner who left his band years ago, Axel plans to shut down Camp Rock for good, but Axel is busy dealing with Nate and Dana.

Camp Rock

In the first class, he picks Mitchie to sing for him first she was the only one who didn't have her hand up and looked nervous about singing in front of everyone. Mitchie is surprised that she is picked and when she gets in front of the class and sings her song, "Who Will I Be". She sings it too low that Brown tells her "even if your singing a solo your singing so low I can't hear you" and she singes higher as she seemes to enjoy herself forgetting how nervous she was before the class knows she is a good singing and Tess is a little jealous. Brown seems to take a liking to her. After the food fight, Brown makes Caitlyn work in the kitchen, Mitchie isn't happy about this exlaiming "What!" Since this would have Caitlyn find out that Mitchie works in the kitchen and is actually the cook's daughter, the kitchen is where their bond gets stronger. Tess complains to Brown about her "missing" charm bracelet and he tells Mitchie and Caitlyn they can't participate in any camp activities until after Final Jam and he means it. But after Margaret Dupree wins he let's Mitchie sing and she sings "This is Me" and Shane, who is with his two bandmember hears the song he says "that's the song" and sings it with Mitchie.