Barron James
IMG 20170243 011510
Name Barron James
Gender Male
Age 16 (Camp Rock)
17 (Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam)
Country America
Occupation Break-Dancer/Rapper/Singer
Father (Not Mentioned)
Mother (Not Mentioned)
Introduced In Camp Rock
Portrayed By Jordan Francis
"Plenty of room over here mi amore!"
―Barron James

Barron James is a great break-dancer, and is best friends with Sander and also very good friends with Caitlyn Gellar. We can see that he thinks singer, Lola Scott is very pretty. We first see him come up on stage at the first day behind De La Duke with Sander and rap a song about Camp Rock; obviously very confident and funny. He also raps and sings at Final Jam with Sander and Ella.


Jordan Francis portrays Barron - the singer, rapper, break dancer and in real life. Jordan can do all of those things as well. He sang two songs for the soundtrack of the movie, "Start the Party", and "Hasta La Vista" with Sander and Ella. 

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