Aaryn Doyle
Name Aaryn Doyle
Birthplace Ontario, Canada
Date of Birth January, 1993
Role on Camp Rock Lola Scott
IMDB Aaryn on IMDb

Doyle has appeared in films, television shows, and commercials, and has also lent her voice to many animation/voice-over projects. She was the lead female vocalist for a 12 piece Toronto band for 3 years from age 13 to 15, but now performs with other Toronto bands, and was as a member of CTV’s Canadian Idol choir ensemble in 2005.

She has appeared in the films Sins of the Father with Ving Rhames and Colm Feore, and Jasper, Texas with Louis Gossett, Jr. and Jon Voigt. She is a cast member of the animated television series Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends with Brooke Shields, Rick Moranis and Kristin Davis. She also stars in the animated series The Save-Ums, Friends and Heroes and the animated TV movie Tomboy.

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